3 tips to help you stop sitting so much

Do you sit for a living, and you’re stuck at a desk all day, every single day? I have three simple tips to help you get out of your chair and stop sitting so much.

Number one – use the restroom away from your desk. Make sure to take regular bathroom breaks to get on your feet.

Number two – make sure that you find tasks that you can do while standing. You can complete any kind of simple tasks while standing, even maybe complete small tasks at a counter or in a filing cabinet.

You can even get creative and complete tasks you wouldn’t normally do while standing up; the goal is to consistently stop sitting so much and get on your feet, so you can try any task standing!

Number three – do your brainstorming and thinking while standing and moving around. You won’t need to use a keyboard or other tools while brainstorming and thinking, and you can even write while standing up if necessary.