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I particularly love working with people who think they’ve been everywhere and tried everything in their efforts to get well. Particularly patients with migraines, because I used to have migraine headaches. The biggest holdup is often that they’re just skeptical and don’t know if we’re working with us would be any different. This is why…

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3 Tips for Device Handling

I have three simple tips to keep technology from having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Tip number one is to hold your cell phone and your tablets at eye level. When you’re reading from them, avoid having them down in your lap. Tip number two is to make sure your screens from…

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If you like the Doctor Tina tips that you see here, you should come join our VIP Facebook group. This group is called Audacious, and we created it for a very important reason: we created this private group because we love our community and we love providing as much useful information as possible. We want…

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3 tips to help you stop sitting so much

Do you sit for a living, and you’re stuck at a desk all day, every single day? I have three simple tips to help you get out of your chair and stop sitting so much. Number one – use the restroom away from your desk. Make sure to take regular bathroom breaks to get on…

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I love seeing the power of the ripple effect.

Today I’d like to talk about the ripple effect. I really love this analogy, and it hit me one day when my daughter was re-watching the movie Pocahontas. There was a scene with the big Willow tree, and they talked about the ripple effect. It struck me and it’s become my laser focus of how…

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The Ripple Effect of Migraine Headaches on the Workplace

(As seen in the February 2021 edition of The Valley Business Journal) For 25 years now I’ve been working closely with patients who suffer from chronic Migraine Headaches. It is important to note that a Migraine Headache is nothing like a typical headache. In fact, most Migraine patients would prefer they not be compared. Those…

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