Join our VIP Facebook group!

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | March 23, 2021

If you like the Doctor Tina tips that you see here, you should come join our VIP Facebook group. This group is called Audacious, and we created it for a very important reason: we created this private group because we love our community and we love providing as much useful information as possible. We want…

I’m surrounded by amazing people who inspire me and motivate me to be my best.

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | March 9, 2021

I want to take a quick minute and tell you about something super cool that I’ve been doing. I go to this great group called Audacious. We meet once a month, and we hang out and we have coffee. We have sometimes guest speakers. We will review business books or life books. More importantly, we’re…

3 tips to help you stop sitting so much

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | March 5, 2021

Do you sit for a living, and you’re stuck at a desk all day, every single day? I have three simple tips to help you get out of your chair and stop sitting so much. Number one – use the restroom away from your desk. Make sure to take regular bathroom breaks to get on…

I love seeing the power of the ripple effect.

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | March 1, 2021

Today I’d like to talk about the ripple effect. I really love this analogy, and it hit me one day when my daughter was re-watching the movie Pocahontas. There was a scene with the big Willow tree, and they talked about the ripple effect. It struck me and it’s become my laser focus of how…

How to maintain your health: the foundation of health

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | February 26, 2021

Every day, my patients ask me, “What else can I do to maintain my health and to feel my best?” I have four simple tips for you of things that you can focus on how to maintain your health, and I call them THE FOUNDATION OF HEALTH. Look at fuel as both the water you…

I know what it’s like to struggle with pain – and what it’s like to recover.

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | February 26, 2021

From the time I was a really little girl, I had chronic neck pain, back pain and even headaches. My parents did everything they could to help me, but nothing worked. When I was 14 years old, I had my first chiropractic adjustment, and it was the first time that I ever had relief. I…

I love hearing how my patients’ lives have improved after care.

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | February 26, 2021

I am so lucky that after almost 25 years in practice, I still love coming to work every single day. There’s one real reason why that is: patients’ real stories about how I’ve helped them. My favorite part of the job is on day to day hearing patients tell me what they can do now.…

Woman experiencing Migraine

The Ripple Effect of Migraine Headaches on the Workplace

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | February 9, 2021

(As seen in the February 2021 edition of The Valley Business Journal) For 25 years now I’ve been working closely with patients who suffer from chronic Migraine Headaches. It is important to note that a Migraine Headache is nothing like a typical headache. In fact, most Migraine patients would prefer they not be compared. Those…

Daneen Ashworth

Bold, daring, and brave…meet Daneen Ashworth.

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | January 26, 2021

What is your name and occupation? Daneen Ashworth, HR Consultant, President Compass HR – HR Solutions in Southern What is your ideal client? Any business with 1-49 employees (I do take larger clients as well) What is your purpose/what do you stand for/what is your passion? Running a business is hard work.  Adding in the…

Women using Varidesk

3 tips to protect your neck while you work from home

By Dr. Tina Gottlieb | January 5, 2021

Your future self will thank you. How and when you move is a huge part of creating a strong foundation of health. Daily exercise matters, but so does how we do our jobs and other daily activities.  These 3 simple tips can have a long-lasting impact on the natural curve of your neck and your…

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