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Choosing a Pillow that is Right for You

By Tina M. Gottlieb, D.C. I get asked about pillows and sleep every day in my practice. Choosing the right pillow for you is really important as it will keep your head and neck supported in a neutral position. The wrong pillow will keep you in a less than ideal position for hours at a…

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Improves Nervous System Function

Do you ever feel tight in a response to stress? That’s completely normal! Your body is actually always adapting to everything that happens to it, both positive and negative, and that is one of the responses to stress. Your nervous system actually controls and coordinates every function in your body, and your body is always…

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Free Zoom Consultation

I particularly love working with people who think they’ve been everywhere and tried everything in their efforts to get well. Particularly patients with migraines, because I used to have migraine headaches. The biggest holdup is often that they’re just skeptical and don’t know if we’re working with us would be any different. This is why…

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3 Tips for Device Handling

I have three simple tips to keep technology from having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Tip number one is to hold your cell phone and your tablets at eye level. When you’re reading from them, avoid having them down in your lap. Tip number two is to make sure your screens from…

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3 tips to help you stop sitting so much

Do you sit for a living, and you’re stuck at a desk all day, every single day? I have three simple tips to help you get out of your chair and stop sitting so much. Number one – use the restroom away from your desk. Make sure to take regular bathroom breaks to get on…

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I love seeing the power of the ripple effect.

Today I’d like to talk about the ripple effect. I really love this analogy, and it hit me one day when my daughter was re-watching the movie Pocahontas. There was a scene with the big Willow tree, and they talked about the ripple effect. It struck me and it’s become my laser focus of how…

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