Do Adjustments Hurt?

Do Adjustments Hurt?

Over the last twenty five years, I can’t tell you how many new patients were concerned that getting adjusted might hurt.

They’re concerned it won’t feel good, or maybe even that it will leave them in pain after they leave my office. Maybe they’ve read stories online that aren’t totally true, or they just have some natural worries about trying something new.

I’m here to bust the myth that chiropractic adjustments are painful!

What Adjustments Are Really Like

Our adjustments are specific and they’re gentle.

After their first adjustment, new patients often say, “that’s it?”

My job is to help my patients not only get relief, but to feel stronger and healthier so that they can focus on work and on life and on what matters to them.

We want your body to be adapting, to be healing, and to be functioning optimally.

Adjustments don’t hurt. We don’t want them to hurt, because we are here to help you.