Don’t Wrap Gifts Sitting on the Floor!



Gift wrapping mishaps bring patients to my office every holiday season!

This is easily preventable by following a few simple steps.

The ideal gift wrapping scenario is to establish a wrapping center on a countertop where you can stand and work with the ability to move your body to objects that are slightly out of reach, rather than leaning for them. If this is not an option, a large table is the next best work station. Keep your task directly in front of you, so you don’t have to bend, twist and reach.

At all costs, avoid sitting on the floor slumped over your gift wrapping project.

Have fun wrapping that perfect gift…you know the one…the one you just want to give right now! Fun fact, I’m terrible at waiting to give a gift I think I’ve hit a home run on. I’m known for just giving it early.

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