Dr. Tina’s Food Blog – Juicing

Don’t let the green fool you!

Really, I know it’s very green but stay with me.

Juicing is so good for you and very refreshing. My family has a vegetable and fruit juice after we eat dinner every night. Yes, every single night.

I was skeptical at first because I thought these juices would taste like grass or something equally off putting. They do not. My family happens to rave about this particular juice.

In my Omega juicer I do a grapefruit, half of a pepper (yellow, orange, or red), a large handful of kale, and a hunk of ginger. I always put about an ounce or two of coconut water in  each juice as well.

This recipe serves one person. It is a lot of extra cutting, but once you’re in there chopping veggies for dinner and your lunch the next day you might as well keep going for a few minutes. What is your favorite fresh juice?

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