Have you given thought to your biomechanics?

I bet you’ve never given a lot of thought to your biomechanics.

I’m not talking about ergonomics, which is how you sit at your desk, or the posture that you have. I’m talking about biomechanics – the structural alignment and mechanical movement of things like your spine.

I think about them day after day, all day long. Your biomechanics are really important. You want a spine and joints that move correctly and properly with every movement that you make.

When those biomechanics stop moving correctly, it can lead to chronic issues and problems that can then begin to affect your nervous system. You want a nervous system that is functioning great, not one that is being inhibited by altered biomechanics.

It’s my job to pay attention to your biomechanics. We do that by looking at precise x-rays and other great tests that show us that everything is working perfectly. If they aren’t, we focus on how to address it with precision based care to get you back on track.

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