“Hey Doctor, What Did I Do?”

“Hey, Doctor Tina, I don’t know what I did.”

When someone says this to me, I know that they’re hurting, and they’re often wondering, “What did I do physically to create this pain?”

That’s a valid question to ask, but there’s more to the equation.

Physical Stress Isn’t The Only Stress

Physical events can cause pain, but at the same time, people often overlook the other components that can contribute to a flare-up of a headache, neck pain, shoulder tension, or any other symptom.

There are actually two additional types of stress.

There is chemical stress, which is often in the form of nutrition, and it comes about when we consume foods that we shouldn’t.

Then there is emotional stress. That’s the work stress, the family stress, and life stress.

All of these have the potential to create physical discomfort as well as affect your health as a whole.

So next time you’re telling yourself, “I don’t know what I did!”

Be sure to check in on your physical stress, your chemical stress, and your emotional stress, and make sure you have healthcare providers in your corner, like a fantastic chiropractor, to make sure that your body is resilient and functioning at an optimal level to keep you healthy.