How to maintain your health: the foundation of health

Every day, my patients ask me, “What else can I do to maintain my health and to feel my best?”

I have four simple tips for you of things that you can focus on how to maintain your health, and I call them THE FOUNDATION OF HEALTH.

  1. Look at fuel as both the water you consume and the food you eat.
    Make sure that you drink 50 plus ounces of water a day and eat real food so you can feel good and energized throughout the day.

    Drinking enough water and eating the right foods are crucial to ensuring that you feel your best and that you’re able to perform your best at school, at work, and in your daily life.
  2. Get enough sleep.
    Make sure that you get regular, consistent, good sleep seven days a week. You need six to seven hours, depending on what your body needs to thrive. Make sure that your sleep is consistent, and that you’re not sleeping on a totally irregular schedule.
  3. Engage in movement.
    Movement is really important. That is, of course, physical movement – exercise, walking, biking, swimming, and things you do for cardiovascular – but it’s also how we move about our daily life.

    If you’re sedentary at work, it’s making sure you put in reasons to move. You’re looking at things like standing desks and moving in ways that are ergonomically, correct.
  4. Preventative healthcare.
    Preventative healthcare is super critical to maintaining great health.

    Make sure you take time and schedule your appointments in advance to do things like get your teeth cleaned twice a year, see the optometrist, and, of course, chiropractic. That way, you’ll remember, and you’ll ensure that your needs are taken care of in a timely manner.

Taking all of these four steps and doing all four of these things will pay you back in dividends.