I love seeing the power of the ripple effect.

Today I’d like to talk about the ripple effect.

I really love this analogy, and it hit me one day when my daughter was re-watching the movie Pocahontas.

There was a scene with the big Willow tree, and they talked about the ripple effect. It struck me and it’s become my laser focus of how I look at things now.

The ripple effect is that you make one seemingly small dot in the water, but the ripples just keep growing and growing.
Obviously, to me, that’s very much what care in this office is about. I make one small little change in your body, but with that, we get the ripple effect over time that grows and grows as your body heals and changes and adapts.

But even more than that, to me, the ripple effect is I have a patient, and I make a little adjustment on that patient.

It has the ripple effect where now they start to feel better and better, but as they feel better, they’re able to do more. They can do more as a family member, as a business owner, as an employee, as just a member of society. That ripple effect grows and grows.

So when I see that patient who comes in with migraine headaches and they just want to have some relief now, all of a sudden they feel great. They have more energy, and they’re sleeping better. They’re able to go out and do more in their jobs, serve more clients, which increases everything for everyone.

I love that ripple effect, and it’s what I remind myself of every day when I come to work.

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