I’m surrounded by amazing people who inspire me and motivate me to be my best.

I want to take a quick minute and tell you about something super cool that I’ve been doing.

I go to this great group called Audacious. We meet once a month, and we hang out and we have coffee. We have sometimes guest speakers. We will review business books or life books.

More importantly, we’re surrounded by amazing and wonderful people who inspire us and motivate us to be our best.

We all know how important that is when you want to do great things in this world, so I want to take a minute to invite you to join me at Audacious.

We meet at 11:30am on the third Tuesday of the month.

Typically, we meet live, but right now, we’re meeting via Zoom. Once we go back live, we will be meeting at Oak Grove Culinary Creations in the True Acts Building in Old Town Temecula.

We invite you to please join us!