My Fresh Summer Salad

I have to admit that when I put this together, it was made out of random things I had in my fridge.

I thought, “Wow, this is going to be terrible.” In reality, it turned out to be so amazing, I’ve eaten it every other day since then! It is refreshing, light, filling, and super quick to throw together.

Rinse half a can of garbanzo beans and save the other half. Cut up about 7 or 8 organic mini bell peppers and throw them in the bowl. Dice up 1 organic tomato and remove the seeds before adding to the same bowl.

Take a handful of parsley, chop it up and add it to your bowl.

Sprinkle a little bit of red chili flakes, cumin, and a bunch of black pepper and lime juice. Add about a tablespoon of olive oil and mix everything together. I recommend making it the night before to let it sit in the marinade before lunchtime the next day.

Try it out and let me know how you like it. Enjoy!

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