Tina M. Gottlieb Chiropractic is proud to bring SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology to the Temecula Valley.

This revolutionary technology is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and accelerate healing. It is often used to address an injured area and assist the body's natural healing process for lasting results.


  • What is SoftWave Therapy?
    • It is a technology that applies short, frequent, and high intensity bursts of mechanical energy into soft-tissue that is injured, scarred, or contains adhesions, is painful or inflamed. It jumpstarts your body's natural healing process by sending stem cells to the area(s) of concern without causing damage to the soft tissue. It can also decrease inflammation and increase blood flow.
  • Is the treatment new?
    • No, it is the standard of care for soft tissue injuries in Europe and has been a non-surgical option in the U.S. for over 20 years.
  • Is it FDA approved?
    • It is FDA 510(k) registered for: pain reduction and improved blood supply.
    • SoftWave is FDA 510(k) cleared for: Activation of connective tissue, treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcers and treatment of acute second-degree burns.
  • Does it work?
    • Depending on the treatment type, studies show success rates of 65% to 91%.
  • Is it painful?
    • There may be mild discomfort, but patients typically don't complain of treatment pain.
  • How long is the treatment?
    • Typically 5-10 minutes.
  • How many treatments are recommended?
    • Typically, 6-8 spread out throughout 6 weeks.
  • What conditions can be treated with SoftWave?
    • In our office, we can successfully address acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries related to: knee, heel, foot, ankle, hamstring, back, pelvis, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. It treats both acute and chronic pain. This technology reaches injured areas at a cellular level to successfully turn on the body's natural healing process.
  • The benefits include:
    • Increased blood supply
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Stimulation of resident stem cells
    • Regeneration and reparation of tissue
    • Accelerated wound healing
    • Antimicrobial
    • Antibacterial
    • Reduced acute and chronic pain
Knee with light pic
Esthers hand

"This treatment has been amazing! I have had pain in my feet and legs for over 2 years. I’ve been to a podiatrist and physical therapy without results. I received results from SoftWave literally immediately! My restless leg went away after the first treatment. I had my first night of good sleep in two years. Thank you team Dr. Tina!!!!" Kelly

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Patient Stories

"I have experienced knee and leg issues on and off for years now. Recently, it became a real detriment to my everyday walking and activities. My quality of life was seriously being affected. I had an x-ray on my knee and nothing was found. But my knees were telling me otherwise. I heard about the SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology being offered by Dr. Tina. This intrigued me and I thought why not try it. I was initially skeptical but after 8 treatments I am very happy! My knees are 98% restored! This SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology is miraculous and a life changer for me.
Thank you Dr. Tina and staff. Happy!" Maria

"Oh my gosh, getting in and out of the car was always painful and now I don't have any pain getting in and out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for spending a truckload of money on this machine. That is amazing!" Shelly

"Dr. Tina! What in the voodoo magic did you do?! I felt no prickling in my feet this morning and I always experience it the moment I get up and put weight on my feet. This is amazing!" Alisha