Suffering with Debilitating Chronic Pain is Common, Not Normal

Suffering from chronic pain or chronic migraine

Experiencing chronic pain is common. It’s not normal. Having headaches is common. It’s not normal. Suffering from chronic migraine is common. It’s not normal. Having neck pain is common, not normal. Being exhausted all the time because you’re in pain is common but not normal. Feeling like your pain and discomfort are interfering with your ability to make an impact in the world and to live your life is common but not normal.

Chronic Health Problems Can Feel Debilitating

As an upper cervical chiropractor for 27 years, I’ve helped patients with chronic, sometimes even debilitating, health problems and pain that gets in the way of them living their best life. I’m so used to patients coming in for their first visit looking for things like migraine relief, neck pain relief, or low back pain relief. They tell me how they can no longer work or they’re struggling to keep up with the basics of their job. They feel like they can’t keep up with their family, they avoid family functions, and they’re nervous to go to events because they’re afraid that their pain is going to kick in or interfere.

Even when patients aren’t experiencing pain at that exact moment, the anxiety of wondering when their next flare up might be holds them back. I’ve met many people who are ready to give up hope. People who think they’ve done it all and tried it all and that there are no solutions for them. But I’m here to tell you that you can never give up hope. You should never give up trying. You have not yet tried everything there is to try.

Experience Chronic Pain Relief

My absolute favorite part of my job is when those same patients leave my office cheering and telling me what they’re able to do now. They are finally getting relief from things like migraines, neck pain, and low back pain. They tell me how their companies have grown, and they have greater success, how they’ve been traveling. They’ve taken up new hobbies, are back to riding their bikes, swimming, back to having quality family time. It’s best when they are telling me how they are thriving and living their best life.
To me that’s the goal of my job. To make an impact on my patients so that they can make their impact on the world.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care in Temecula

If you think that you’ve tried it all and done everything, please never give up hope. There’s always another step. Upper cervical chiropractic is wonderful. Chiropractic helps people every day all over the world and has been a highly successful form of treatment for well over 100 years. Upper cervical Chiropractic is merely a tightened area of detailed focus. Upper cervical chiropractors focus on the top two bones in the neck and aim to provide the most specific adjustment and corrections possible to get the best results. Sometimes we see patients who may have already been to other chiropractors. Those who have tried “literally everything”.

To those people I say this. Sometimes, all you need is a different approach to find relief. Doing things in a slightly different way gets results that you were previously unable to achieve.

You Deserve to Live a Vibrant and Pain Free Life

So don’t settle for common. You deserve to feel great so that you can focus on what you love and make your impact on the world. When a colleague of mine suggested I try upper cervical chiropractic, he said, “What do you have to lose?”. Turns out my initial answer of nothing wasn’t correct. In the end, what I had to lose was pain and worry. I got my life back and you could too.

If you would like to learn more about how upper cervical chiropractic could help you with your chronic issues, you can call our office at 951-699-5161 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tina.

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