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Join our VIP Facebook group!

If you like the Doctor Tina tips that you see here, you should come join our VIP Facebook group. This group is called Audacious, and we created it for a very important reason: we created this private group because we love our community and we love providing as much useful information as possible. We want…

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Bold, daring, and brave…meet Daneen Ashworth.

What is your name and occupation? Daneen Ashworth, HR Consultant, President Compass HR – HR Solutions in Southern What is your ideal client? Any business with 1-49 employees (I do take larger clients as well) What is your purpose/what do you stand for/what is your passion? Running a business is hard work.  Adding in the…

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Meet Jimmy Fu – #NoBareWalls

In addition to our Tina tips we want to use our blog to introduce you to some amazing people. These interviews are going to be a lot of fun. You know that excited feeling you get when you meet someone new and discover random details about who they are, what they do, and what they…

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