Our Patients Share Their Success Stories

Regain Performance with Knee Chest Chiropractic in Temecula

Ever wondered how horseback riding enthusiasts manage neck pain and migraines? Meet Beckey as she shares her incredible journey with Knee Chest Chiropractic in Temecula. Discover how regular adjustments not only transformed her well-being but also elevated her performance with Gunny on a national level. Beckey's story is a testament to the power of chiropractic care in pursuing one's passions. Don't miss her inspiring account of recovery and resilience.


Experience for yourself the benefits of receiving Upper Cervical Care, specifically the Knee Chest technique.


Knee Chest Chiropractic in Temecula: Your Partner in Relieving Pain

Do you live with constant pain in your neck, back, or elsewhere? Meet Stephanie Proctor, who found relief and started enjoying a pain-free life thanks to the help of Knee Chest Chiropractic in Temecula. Stephanie has been working closely with Dr. Tina Gottlieb since 2004, and ever since, she enjoyed significant health benefits. Stephanie's story is a testament to the power of gentle upper cervical adjustments.

Discover how this approach helped Stephanie with headaches, neck pain, and even scoliosis. This family-friendly, welcoming practice focuses on your overall well-being, not just isolated issues. Dr. Tina's expertise can alleviate pain and discomfort, whether it's carpal tunnel, headaches, or low back pain.

beckey downing testimonial picture

"I have been seeing Dr. Tina for about 8 years now and I would be miserable without her! I was getting migraines from my neck being out of alignment and couldn't sleep. I compete with my horse and I have found that when my neck is out, I throw him off balance which affects our performance. With my equestrian lifestyle it is very important that I stay on a regular schedule with Dr. Tina and she is always available if I need to see her in between regular appointments. I can't recommend her enough."
-Beckey Downing

Emmanuela Vitogiannis' Migraine Story

A Migraine Story

"I have been suffering from migraines for the past 19 years. This past year has been the worst I have ever felt in my life due to chronic migraines along with neck and shoulder pain and aches. These migraines have taken over my life. I am so grateful I found Dr. Tina! I was able to immediately schedule a consultation and start my treatments. I can say that within the first week of treatment I noticed a difference. The tension in my head, neck and shoulders is definitely less. I can sleep better and I can already feel the increase in energy. This was all within the first week. I can’t wait to see where I will be in the next couple of weeks!
If you are suffering from migraines, do yourself a favor... you NEED to see Dr. Tina! No one should have to continue to live their lives suffering from migraines, that is NOT living and it is way too draining!"
- Mariela Cardenas 2020

“I ran my first half-marathon yesterday, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding chiropractic care of Dr. Tina. I initially became her patient after ruining a family vacation in Hawaii because I was flat on my back with a back injury. This was several years ago, and at the time I’d been having chronic back pain. Dr. Tina not only put me on the road to recovery, she also pointed out the need to strengthen my core with rehabilitative exercises, so I could avoid continual re-injury. To experience life fully and joyfully is the truest blessing. I am deeply grateful for her skill, professionalism, holistic approach, and how she genuinely cares about her patients.”

- Tammy, Temecula

“Dr. Tina will change your life! My overall well-being has drastically improved along with my energy level and zest for life. Dr. Tina is attentive, kind, and passionate about helping her clients. She goes above and beyond just adjusting, she continues to educate her clients as well as offer unbiased and compressive resources. I feel like I am part of the family when I am there, her staff are caring and thoughtful. I would recommend her to anyone from new born to 100 years old, Dr. Tina is the best."

- Misty

Anglea Stager's Migraine Story

"I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Tina and her upper cervical chiropractic care! As a long-time chiropractic advocate and patient of a different type of care, I had been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for decades. Over the past few years, the pain escalated, causing constant headaches and tension in my face, neck, head, and shoulders.
My regular chiropractic care wasn’t providing the relief I needed, and I found myself seeking weekly treatments just to manage the pain. That’s when I heard about Dr. Tina and her incredible approach to upper cervical chiropractic care through her satisfied patients.
Since most of my pain was concentrated in the upper cervical area, I decided to give it a shot, and let me tell you, it’s been a life-changing decision! Dr. Tina addressed problems I thought were beyond repair, and now, waking up with pain and headaches is no longer the norm for me.
Dr. Tina’s expertise and compassionate care have made a significant difference in my life, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me regain my comfort and wellbeing. If you’re looking for effective chiropractic care that truly makes a difference, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Tina and experiencing the positive changes for yourself!"


"Got in a car accident in February and have only been going to Tina’s office for 5 weeks. I’ve seen SUCH a massive improvement! My pain is almost gone and what I do have is very mild. Tina and her staff are all wonderful ladies. They’re always so welcoming when I come in! I cannot recommend this office enough for all your chiropractor needs!"


"Our family is so thankful for Dr. Tina’s care for our whole family. She is knowledgeable and generous with her time. We are so thankful for greater range of movement and less pain since we’ve come to see her. Dr. Tina’s enthusiasm for her patients care is so evident in all she does. Her staff is so gracious to play games with our children when we come to the office too. It is such a caring atmosphere."

- Lisa

Scuba Diving

"I’ve been a seeing Dr Tina for many years now for a 25 year old C-4 injury. She is all about quality of life when it comes to your spine health, she has been able to take me from a weekly visit to now every 7-8 weeks to maintain my spinal alignment, which gives me more time in my very active lifestyle."

-Steve Rubin January 2018

Jimmy Fu testimonial picture

"I have been going to Dr. Tina for the last 2 years for my upper cervical issues, and have felt great results from her continued care and maintenance plan. It's more than an adjustment, it's a peace of mind knowing that a professional is monitoring my health and well-being and consulting on my progress. To me, that is priceless. I've also become good friends with her and her assistant Angela, and look forward to my regular check ups and community. I could not recommend Dr. Tina enough for her knowledge, professionalism, and care. Thumbs way up for me!"

-Jimmy Fu

Iliana's Success Story

"I was scared of the chiropractor for way too long until I heard Dr. Tina speak about upper cervical chiropractic care and convinced myself to conquer the fear. So glad I did. Within 3 months of her care, my pain went away and immune system improved. She shows genuine care to her clients. Joceline in the office delivers excellent customer service. Always a pleasure to  deal with. So grateful to have found Dr. Tina Chiropractic."

-Alifah Achmad January 2018

"Im a long time back problem sufferer. Yet Dr. Tina set me right! And if I get in a pickle - she sets me right again! I see long lasting results that I feel right away. And now I just started SoftWave and didn’t notice how much I was carrying shoulder discomfort until I didn’t feel it anymore! I’m always amazed at her chiropractic and SoftWave services and will continue to go! Definitely recommend to everyone! 10/10."


"This is one of the most welcoming offices that you will ever visit. Dr. Tina really knows her stuff and tries to understand you on a personal level, so that she can customize the treatment to your specific case. The community and culture that Dr. Tina has cultivated in this practice is palpable, with its dedication to the treatment and care of their patients evident in every staff member. If you want to be taken care of, this is the place to go."


"I've been a patient of Tina's for almost as long as she's been practicing! Whenever I'm hurting or even feel irritable, I know it's time for an adjustment and call Tina. Thanks to all her wonderful receptionists who schedule her appointments, she always sees me as soon as possible, and in emergencies, even the same day. I'm grateful to Tina who has assisted in keeping me healthy throughout the years!"

- Mary

Getting Her Life Back

Running in Garden

"To begin, I am pretty young, early thirties and had been living with constant knee pain that had gradually also become constant back pain since my twenties. I could not possibly understand why I was having these problems so young and why no one could seem to help me. I had MRI’s, physical therapy, previous chiropractic care, and even met with a spinal surgeon who basically told me to not do anything I enjoyed before as it would only deteriorate my condition. Before meeting Dr. Tina I was exhausted, overwhelmed, in chronic pain, feeling hopeless and desperately missing everything I loved to do like running, dancing, hiking… Now, it took several months of dedication on both ends, flexibility and a willingness to experiment with things like trying a different mattress, sitting in a different chair, etc.… But in time the pain eased up and one day before I knew it I was running again. I can’t even describe how amazing that was. Dr. Tina is not only incredibly skilled at what she does but she is one of the most kind, compassionate, funny and honest practitioners I have worked with. She goes above and beyond every single day. As cliché as it may sound, she really did help me to foster hope again that things would get better. That is one of the most important pieces to recovery if you ask me."

- Rebecca, January 2017

Julie's Success Story

"I have been seeing Dr. Tina for several years and would not know how bad my neck and back could be if I was not in her care. The care and wealth of knowledge she has given me has been extremely helpful. She is so friendly, efficient, safe, and willing to go beyond to help with questions and concerns and willing to give wonderful referrals to care in other aspects of health and wellbeing."


"Dr. Tina is amazing! She is the only chiropractor that has been able to help my migraines diminish to almost nothing. I’ve gone from several migraines a month to not remembering when the last one was. Dr Tina has changed my life!!! Thank you Dr. Tina!!!"

- Kelly

"Dr. Tina Gottlieb is the best! I started seeing her almost 12 years ago after a serious car accident. Neurologists want to put me on meds to deal with my symptoms. It was recommended to me by a medical professional friend to find a chiropractor who specialized in upper cervical. That's when I found Dr. Tina. Over the years she helped me with my symptoms/causes from my accident and has had to deal with my crazy lifestyle as a cowgirl which has resulted in other injuries. She has definitely become one of my most trusted medical professionals. I wouldn't trust anyone else."


"My spouse and I moved to Tamecula in the last year in a half, we were looking to re- establish with Chiropractic work, we found Dr Tina, and have been having amazing results since seeing her! I have struggled with cervical vertigo for years, Dr Tina's specialty in upper cervical (the 1st two cervical vertebrae) adjustment has kept me from having bad or even often episodes. The adjustment is very unique, NO harsh crunching or feeling like your head is coming off. She is very attentive, makes notes of everything every time I'm there. As busy as she is, she always finds room for me even if it's last minute. She is a staple in this community, committed to our well-being and living our best life. She has always been willing to help connect us and become a part of this community! We feel blessed to have found her and her staff, they make us feel like family!!"


A Migraine Story

Top of the mountain

Tina Fixed It!

In my line of work I need to be confident with my ability to communicate verbally.Clients, contractors, city officials- any number of consultants might call. I may have to present a project to a group. Clearly, I must be confident in my ability to put words together in a meaningful and enthusiastic manner.

Over twenty years ago this ability was seriously jeopardized. My confidence was badly shaken and I could not count on my readiness to respond spontaneously at any time or any place. When it came down to preparing myself for public speaking, I experienced a
brand new sensation: FEAR! I was having what some clinicians refer to as “painless migraines.” My vision would be interrupted by “auras” and I would lose my ability to utter intelligible sentences. These visual episodes would last from half an hour to over an hour. Only occasionally would I have the full-blown headache and nausea that comes with the typical migraine. But my ability to speak was seriously impaired for sometimes as long as two hours or more.

At first I thought I was having mini-strokes. They were coming as often as two or three a week. Then, one of my friends walked into my office as I was having one of these episodes (this time with pain and nausea). When he heard me struggling to speak, he insisted on taking me to the emergency room. The attending physician determined that I was not having a stroke and suggested that it was consistent with the symptoms of a migraine. He also recommended that I get an MRI to see if I had a brain tumor. The results of the MRI were negative. So, I proceeded under the assumption that I would be beset with this condition for the rest of my life. My medical doctors recommended
several different medications to treat symptoms or reduce the duration of the episodes.

I even tried acupuncture, but with minimal success. There seemed to be no knowledge or drug to cure them. That was until I went to see Dr. Tina Gottlieb. I had listened to her speak of her success
with migraine sufferers and decided that I certainly had nothing to lose by giving her a shot at mine.

Some would call it miraculous. I will simply say that her magic works! Within two weeks the episodes had essentially disappeared. I went nine consecutive weeks without an episode! (Since that time, I have gone as long as seven months.) This was a phenomenal turnabout!

I no longer feel insecure when scheduling meetings with city officials, appearing in front of groups, or presenting to clients. In the nearly four years that I have been seeing “Dr. Tina” I am almost completely symptom free! And… NO FEAR!! I look forward to the day when I no longer even have to consider the possibility of one of those hateful episodes. So far, everything she has predicted has come to pass. I am
both totally impressed by and entirely grateful for this wonderful healing force living right here in our community.

Thank you, Tina! You are a precious gift.

Walt Allen, 2018

"Have migraines??? Come here!! I am in the beginning stages but I am FINALLY starting to feel like the old me. Dr. Tina is by far the most thorough chiropractor I have been too. She scans you every single time you come in!!!! She keeps track of your progress from appointment to appointment!!!"
- Nichole August 2020

"Dr. Tina and her staff are truly amazing! I was dealing with constant migraines and other chiropractors would try to help with the “snap-crack-pop” but I zero luck. I was definitely defeated thinking that pain was a new normal. I’m so happy I found Dr. Tina, she has helped me so much and migraines are far and few between. I even bring my daughter with me now to help her! I highly recommend this practice."


"I have been a patient of Dr Tina now for a little over 2 months and I could not be happier with the care I have received! I went from having migraines multiple times a week to having only 1 in the past two months! I was that person who had tried literally everything to find relief and to only have doctors hand me medicine and tell me to get a massage (which never worked). I have had neck pain that turns into migraines for over 12 years and with the care of Dr Tina I have gotten my life back! I am a better mom, wife and person because I’m not in pain 24/7! She’s so kind and caring, she’s pays attention to detail and really gives you 100% of her time and heart with her care! Her office staff is amazing to! Nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Tina! I highly suggest her to anyone who feels like they’ve tried it all and feel like nothing is going to help, that’s where I was and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself."


Holly Suhi's Success Story

"I am so grateful for - and admire - Dr. Tina. You couldn't ask for a more sincere, capable, and inspiring chiropractor. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice - not only in her specialty - but in the workings of the body and how everything works together. She has helped keep my spine in alignment for many years - which makes an enormous difference in my recovery from two hip replacement surgeries."

-Holly Suhi

"So blessed to have found Dr Tina! I knew that what I had going on was upper cervical. I had let this issue go on for way too long. I am feeling so much better since having targeted care by Dr Tina. My favorite part is resting for 15 minutes after my adjustment to let my body settle before leaving the office. Highly recommend her!"
-Renda 2021

"Dr. Tina is amazing. I have received care for several years now and can attest that under her wrap around care, I have my life back. My symptoms are manageable and I feel in control again. Staff is equally amazing and make you feel like part of the team. Go! Get Better and Thrive!"


"I have been a patient of Dr. Tina Gottlieb for 3 years. This treatment was the only answer to my pain. I have recommended Dr. Tina to many of my friends who are searching for answers too!! Learning to adjust my work space and even the chair I use for relaxing time has played a huge part in staying pain free."


"When I my back was in agony from a childhood injury, I was sure it wasnt going to get better. Going to Dr Tinas changed my mind and my back and I been feeling and doing a lot better. She and the environment are very friendly and I like going here."


Kim Ballard's Success Story

"I suffered with neck and left shoulder pain for years. After 6 months of treatment I was a new woman. I continue treatment to keep it that way."

-Kim Ballard

logan m testimonial picture

“If you shoot arrows and don’t do as well as you want. I highly recommend this place and you will do 50% better. I remember in September 2017 I was not doing as well as normal and I had a lesson and nothing worked. Until I went here and then a week later I had a practice tournament and I have done the best I have ever done.”

-Logan Monteiro


"I started seeing Dr. Tina 12 years ago, right after I had my first child. I have scoliosis and was living in constant pain. I had been force adjusted for years by a regular chiropractor and for me, it actually had caused me to be in more pain, especially in my neck. All throughout my first pregnancy, I dealt with low back pain and neck pain. By the time I finally found Dr. Tina and got to start getting
adjusted by an upper cervical chiropractor, I was living in pain and was afraid that I would just have to live in pain... Today, I am pain free! Yes, I still have scoliosis and I always will but I am adjusted when I need to be and I very rarely have any neck pain . Right now is probably the longest I have ever gone without needing an adjustment, 3 full months. That is amazing! I trust Dr. Tina completely, she also adjusts both my children. I have referred countless family members and friends to her and will continue to do so. She is not only my chiropractor but my friend. I will be a lifelong patient because I know I'm getting the best care!!"

January 2017

"Dr. Tina has been taking great care of me and my family. Her commitment, passion and excellence in her profession have been a huge blessing to us. Me and my two boys are holding our adjustments well, we are healthier, and I'm no longer in neck pain. Over the years, my wife and I have tried a number of ways for her to get results for her lower back problems with little success. However, thanks to Dr. Tina, now she is on the road to recovery and we look forward to seeing continued improvement!"

-Tony Hook January 2018

"I was just sitting here at home when I felt something run up my neck and then I hear, "You're clear!" When I turn around I see my son who had made a scanner out of Legos"

-Tony's Facebook post

A Professional Juggler's Success Story

A Marathon Story

Marathon winner

"For over a year I had been struggling with intense LOWER back pain!

Being a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor I put the pain down to neglecting to practice what I preach with my own stretching and foam rolling, so I tried for months to stretch & roll, stretch & roll. I tried Ariel Yoga & traditional chiropractic treatment. All of the above methods would relieve the pain for a moment but nothing would fully take the pain away. The pain was so debilitating I would wake up in the morning hunched over from the waist down till I could find my way to my roller! Being used to being so fit and able, this pain was really taking a negative toll on my emotional well-being!

I'm my ignorance (although knowing Dr. Tina personally) I never for one second thought it could be my neck. But with my tail through my legs I came to Dr. Tina and asked her to please just see if possibly this pain could be solved by upper cervical spine treatment!

She very quickly & graciously got me in & confirmed to me that yes my neck was completely out of alignment! The x-rays and testing all confirmed that. That was March 8th, 2016. I told her then too that I had a goal of running the San Diego 1/2 Marathon June 5, 2016. She never promised that running that would be possible, but we started treatment & to my absolute amazement & joy I was able to run, and run it completely pain free!!!! Not only that I beat my Personal Best by 4 min.!

Thank you Dr. Tina Gottlieb for all you do! I could never have done it without your skill, knowledge & personal touch!!"

- Kerry Lee Gomez

"Dr. Tina has been amazing! I was suffering from headaches weekly, and in the first few months they were nearly gone. Would highly recommend making an appointment if you suffer from neck pain."
-Brianne Daley 2021

"I've had fantastic results with Dr Tina, including significantly reduced neck pain and migraine frequency/ intensity. 5 Stars!"


Judy Zulfiqar Testimonial, 2018 - Staying energized and feeling great in order to serve others

"Dr. Tina has been my Chiropractor for over 10 years. Her care has helped me recover from 2 car accidents, being hit by a car on my bike and my unfortunate decision to jump off of a 30 foot cliff!!! Each and every time she has brought me back to health and I am stronger today for it. My back pain has been eliminated. I am able to be active, productive and healthy because Dr. Tina keeps me in alignment and on a healthy path. I highly recommend Dr. Tina. She is an accomplished, well trained Chiropractor who takes the time and care to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and keeps you healthy and pain free."
-Judy Zulfiqar 2021

Judy Harter Testimonial, 2018 - All From the Heart
No down days

"Dr. Tina has changed the way I live! I’m 58, and I am a ballet dancer and have been in chiropractic care since I was 16. When I moved to Temecula in 1989, I sought out to find a good chiropractor right away. Never really finding relief—or at least not for very long. A dear friend told me about Dr. Tina and upper cervical care. The very first time I saw her I had a raging migraine. That very day I got relief that I had never experienced and my story gets better from that very day. Praise God! Dr. Tina fixed my neck and my entire body. I started to “hold” and I’ve been in her care ever since. I “held” one time traveling to Seattle, cared for a sick friend for 2 weeks, another flight home, and the next day. I had “held” the whole time. I didn’t need an adjustment! I would give up a whole lot to stay in her care like T.V., cell phone, internet, just to be able to continue to get her adjustments. I am finally fixed and my life is happy and pain free! If I was going to name a child her name would be Dr. Tina—LOL.

Love, love, love Dr. Tina and her upper cervical care."

- Judy Harter, February 2017

"Dr. Tina has done an amazing job addressing my issues. My health wasn't the strongest when I was growing up but after her 'miracle touch', I am definitely a new person. Thank you Dr. Tina!!! Appreciate you so very much!"
-Ryan Camejo 2021

Steve Rubin - The WAVES Project
Staying healthy and strong to serve others

Misty Kerrigan Oak Grove Center
The ripple effect of feeling great

Tammy Wilson Oak Grove Center
Restored health equals greater impact

Karen Testimonial

"I went to Dr. Tina Gottlieb seeking relief for my neck and back pain after being involved in an automobile accident. I was rear-ended while at a stop signal and my car was pushed into the car in front of me and that car into the front of them, 4 vehicles involved in total. After my very first adjustment, I noticed greatly improved hearing in my left ear, quite a nice unexpected bonus! After only 2 ½ months of treatment, I am now pain free and released from treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Tina Gottlieb to anyone with neck and back pain, you will not be disappointed."

- Karen, Lake Elsinore, February 2017

husband and wife

A Headache Story

"My husband and I started seeing Dr. Tina after my daughter referred us to her because she is a cervical spine specialist chiropractor. Her chiropractor, who is also a cervical specialist, referred Dr. Tina. I was waking up with headaches every morning. I used medication that was only partially effective. Dr. Tina gave a thorough evaluation with X-rays and scanner and designed treatment just for me. After just 3 weeks the headaches were controlled without medication. My husband had sciatic type back pain that caused him great difficulty walking. He was a little tougher to treat but Dr. Tina’s treatment improved both of our conditions and without the ghastly neck twisting we endured from other chiropractors. We have been patients ever since. I think it has been about fifteen years and still going. Thank you Dr. Tina."

- Anna & James

"The first time I saw Dr. Gottlieb I was assisted by my son and using a walker. My left leg was non weight bearing.

I was skeptical whether or not Dr.Gottlieb would be able to help me but decided to give her a try since I was tired of not being able work in my garden or take a walk in the neighborhood without the help or a walker or wheelchair.

After three sessions I walked into her office on my own. I have continued to improve and I am able to take care of myself and back to enjoying being active again. Thank you so much Dr. Tina Gottlieb."

- Mary Crocker, January 2017

"Dr. Tina is fantastic! Personable, funny and a terrific Doctor! I’ve been in chronic pain for over 30 years and her methodology has been a the only neck therapy that actually works for the long haul. Highly recommend! Thank you."

"If you are suffering from headaches or carpal tunnel, then you need to call Dr. Tina ASAP! I was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery and prescribed some serious migraine medication (that didn't work). I am now migraine free and no longer have numbing in my hand, thanks to Dr. Tina's care. This happened 11 years ago and I am proud to say that I still visit Dr. Tina for maintenance care. Take care of yourself and call her. You would be surprised to hear how many ways she can help you."
-Nicole 2021

Amy Elliott

A Headache Story

“For years I suffered with headaches typically every day. I visited a regular chiropractor and also a different cervical specialist and had a little relief, even with multiple weekly visits. With Dr. Tina’s care, I can go as long as four weeks without a visit and without headaches! My neck was one of the worst Dr. Tina and other doctors had seen, and I feel 200% better since coming to Dr. Tina.”

Mary Lue, Temecula

Regarding Tina Gottlieb, D.C.,

Oh, you fortunate person. I’ll write upon the assumption that you are considering an appointment with Dr. Tina; or, you have come to Dr. Tina and have filled out your forms; and, now you’re occupying your time waiting to get in for your consultation.

Oh, you lucky human being.

I am Dr. William Haneline, D.C. and I began practicing in 1976. I’ve done many types of chiropractic techniques, including Dr. Tina’s specialty, Upper Cervical Chiropractic. There are many wonderful chiropractors and many great chiropractic techniques available. Having said that, I have to add, in my opinion that this “technique” (it’s really a paradigm of thought and procedure) accomplishes with regularity the ultimate goal of chiropractic.

In simple terms, this form of chiropractic ensures that your body’s nearly infinite complex of myriad and innumerable functions, is under the control of your brain; and, connected to the Innate Wisdom that governs life.

You are indeed very fortunate to have this type of life changing care available to you. Add to that Dr. Tina’s caring and professional manner, along with an amazing skill set ... well, you get the point.

So don’t worry. You’ve either made, or would be making, an excellent decision to see Dr. Tina. And, in seeing her, you’re in good hands. I say this by virtue of my own experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic; and by my personal experience as a patient of Dr. Tina’s.

William Haneline, D.C.


“Our son Ryan was six-years-old when he began getting a persistent, nagging cough whenever he caught a cold. The cough could last as long as a month, and he missed countless days of school and sports activities. His pediatrician diagnosed asthma and put him on an inhaler three times a day. It didn’t help. After two years of treatment by various specialists, including a biopsy of his esophagus, Ryan still often coughed 24-7! We decided to visit Dr. Tina. After doing an assessment, Dr. Tina discussed Ryan’s case plan with us. After just three months he was off his medicine and cough-free. We are so grateful to say that it has been more than a year since we’ve heard that cough. Ryan recently called Dr. Tina to share some great news, “I just got my first perfect attendance award at school because of you!” he told her. “

Nicole, Temecula

“I am a violinist and my hands are very valuable to me. Years ago I started experiencing excruciating shooting pain in my fingers when I played my instrument. I thought this was the result of the repeated pressure I had put on my fingers every day, and that there was nothing I could do about it. Then the pain went to my whole hand, and there was numbness and tingling. I wasn't certain if I would be able to play my violin much longer. Then I found Dr. Tina. Within one week of my first adjustment, the pain and numbness had gone away!”

Sue, San Diego


“As a photographer, I spend a lot of time carrying heavy camera equipment followed by hours on the computer processing my images. This puts my neck and shoulders in a lot of pain. Dr. Tina has helped tremendously, both alleviating my pain and showing me how to stay out of pain.”

Annie, San Diego

“Before coming to Dr. Tina I had major headaches and lots of pain. I now very rarely get headaches. She has also been able to relieve some of the pain in my right hand which has carpal tunnel.”

Monique, Temecula

“It’s been four years since I’ve had a migraine, thanks to Dr. Tina. Looking back on my life, I remember the agony I went through, and she got me out of the pain!”

Nina, San Marcos

“ I have been to several chiropractors over the years, but only Dr. Tina has made a real difference in the mobility of my neck. I plan to stay with Dr. Tina to ensure that my neck will be adjusted in the same way, so I can continue experiencing the same relief.”

Laura, Murrieta

A Headache Story

“I was referred to Dr. Tina because I was struggling with daily headaches and severe pains in my wrist, preventing me from being able to do what I love as an esthetician. After taking x-rays Dr. Tina explained what was causing the discomfort and encouraged me with her plan to get me back to normal and feeing great. After six months my suffering was gone! I also felt stronger, my posture was better, my professional life has improved and I felt empowered!”

Paulina, Temecula

Picture of Couple Testimonial

“Before I began upper cervical chiropractic care treatments I had been plagued by recurring headaches, neck pain, and stiffness.  I also had recurring lower back pain that actually began when I was 30 years younger after being thrown from a horse, rupturing my lower back disk.

Since my treatments with Dr. Tina began over a year ago I’ve remarkably healed.  I don’t have neck pain or stiffness anymore and my back is much stronger than before.

I am convinced that chiropractic care has saved me from a lifetime of aches and pains that we all think is normal, but it isn’t.  I thank my lucky stars that I found Dr. Tina and can look forward to a healthy future.

Thank you, Dr. Tina, for all you do!”


Temecula, June 2010


On May 10 I was doing some light gardening and I must have strained a muscle.  Next morning when I woke up I could not move without searing pain.  Tina is my husband’s chiro, and he suggested that I call her for help.  Against my judgment, but in terrible pain, I did call her.  Always before this chiropractic had never really helped me.  I’ve been to dozens of appointments with chiropractors and other types of body workers in the last thirty years.  And, while it all felt good, nothing actually helped me.  Things are different with Tina.  I hobbled slowly into her office on May 11 and of course made me feel better.  But then overnight and all the next day I continued to improve.  I returned for another visit on May 14 and on my way home I felt so good!  I started thinking back about how our foals used to love to run on cool, windy, bright days like this.  I remembered how they would run and kick out their legs.  And I wanted to run myself.  Hadn’t run in more than ten years.  I went home and found my old running shoes and went for a run!  I knew I’d pay later but it was just so great to feel good.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to pay.  She totally fixed my back (in 2 visits) and I’m still running.  Tina performed a miracle on my body.  I’m running again today!

Linda B.

Temecula, May 19, 2010

A Neck and Back Pain Story

Dr. Tina has given me back my life!

I was at wit’s end with my neck pain.  I’ve suffered with back and neck pain all my life and it got much worse after 30. I had been through several rounds of physical therapy, massage therapy, surgical consults, acupuncture and had been to three different chiropractors around the LA area. None of this brought me any lasting relief and one of the chiropractors actually made my neck pain worse. I was convinced that chiropractic did not work for me and assumed I’d have to learn to live with the pain.

Then I moved to Temecula and Dr. Tina’s newspaper ad caught my attention. I wasn’t aware of any chiropractors specializing in upper cervical care and since that is where I had most of my pain I decided to try, although I was skeptical.

That first day, wracked with pain, I gingerly made my way into Dr. Tina’s office holding my body and neck very stiff, one shoulder inches higher than the other.

WOW! Am I glad I made that trip! In less than two weeks of her care I was already feeling better and moving about more freely and with little pain. Suffering more than a decade of near constant pain and migraines, I had finally found relief! Hallelujah!

Besides her amazing skill, I admire Dr. Tina’s professionalism, sunny personality and eagerness to share her knowledge to improve peoples’ health. She is clearly a dedicated and talented healer who truly cares about each and every patient like they are family.


Deborah G.

July 2010, Temecula

Emi Eliott Testimonial

"I have been in pain for many years due to scoliosis and seeing other chiropractors that had never helped me, actually one made my situation worse.  Since starting treatment with Tina 4 1/2 years ago, I can live a normal life without constant pain.  I see her on a regular basis for maintenance but I can go 3-6 weeks without any pain and that is truly amazing!  I can't say enough good things about her!  Thank you so much, Tina!"

Stephanie, Temecula CA


“40 Years ago I was involved in an accident that resulted in pretty much nonstop head and back pain. Dr. Tina discovered the accident had altered my neck alignment and began treating me. I have experienced relief from the symptoms. I especially appreciate that her diagnostic system is objective and she openly shares with me how the system works so I understand what is going on when she performs the adjustments. And I appreciate that chiropractic involves no drugs.”

John, Riverside CA


''To my surprise not only has my back and hip pain gone but my digestive problem I have had for years is gone.  I am so grateful for the relief.''

Linda, La Jolla,

February 2009

A Headache Story

“I started seeing Dr. Tina for my debilitating headaches and for the numbing pain I would get in my hands.  I went to see both my eye doctor and my family physician to get some answers.  My eyes checked out fine, but my Dr. prescribed me two prescriptions for my headaches.  One was for when I first felt my headache coming on and the other for when it turned into a migraine.  After leaving the office, I felt discouraged.  How can I take this medication, when I don’t really know what is going on? The next day I took a pill while at work and my headache subsided.  The next headache, which was the next day, was more severe so I took the migraine prescription.  I started feeling light headed soon after and even threw up at work.  I called my Dr. and was told to not take that medication anymore.  If I wanted to I could schedule an appointment (2 months down the road was the soonest appointment I could get) and they would prescribe me something else.  What a joke! Oh, back to my hand.  I was hooked up to electrodes and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel.  Upon leaving the office, they were ready to schedule an appointment for surgery.  Wow!  I told them that I wasn’t quite ready for that and would get back to them.  Thank goodness I never returned to their office again!

Both of my sons are under Dr. Tina’s care, and at one of their appointments I told her about MY two symptoms. The next day I was back in her office for my thorough assessment.  She came up with a plan for me and the rest is history!   I am pain free and am able to perform my duties as a teacher and a mom without being medicated or going under the knife.  I still see Dr. Tina to this day for maintenance appointments and adjustments when needed.  Headaches are debilitating, and a hand that goes numb is painful and frustrating.  She has given me my life back! “

Nicole, Temecula CA

Edi Crooker Testimonial

A Migraine and Chronic Back Pain Story

“Dr. Tina has been helping and treating my family for several years.  We first came to Dr. Tina after many failed attempts to find relief for my daughter, Olivia’s, chronic back pain.  No one could seem to find the cause or the cure.  I met Dr. Tina at a Woman’s luncheon and we began to talk about our kids.  Her kind words and genuine desire to help my daughter led me to her office.   She treated Olivia like an adult.  She spoke softly and carefully and with true concern.  Soon after several visits with Dr. Tina, Olivia felt no pain.  It was an answer to our prayers.  Olivia continues maintenance treatment with Dr. Tina.  My oldest daughter, Megan, suffers from migraines and would simply take pain killers to cover the symptoms.  Knowing that Dr. Tina is an upper cervical specialist and that treating and preventing migraines is her specialty…I sent Megan there.  Again, she has helped Megan and rarely does she suffer from migraines.   Now, my youngest daughter Katy visits Dr. Tina for maintenance with her back.  Both Olivia and Katy are athletes and are in need of care from time to time.  Dr. Tina is not just our chiropractor.  She is part of our family.  I am so grateful for her care and concern of my girls.  She truly cares about her patients and takes the time they need to be well.”

Kim, Temecula CA

“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Tina regularly for the last 10 years.  We have come into the office with everything from injuries sustained in auto accidents to injuries related to sports activities.

In the last several years, my visits have been mostly for regular "maintenance," for overall wellness. I have recently come to understand the value of these visits. Several months ago I got too busy and failed to schedule my regular appointment. I ended up feeling run down and contracted a nasty flu bug. I don't usually get sick with the flu and am convinced that my regular visits to Dr. Tina have helped keep me in optimum health. Needless to say, I am back on track and very grateful for Dr. Tina for the service she provides.”

Amy, Murrieta CA


“I'm a professional massage therapist specializing in the neck and shoulders, and I trust my clients with Dr. Tina. Dr. Tina is the most knowledgeable chiropractor I've come across. Her methods and techniques speak for the pride she takes in her work as well; she won't adjust you without x-rays or a scan, she has you lay down after your adjustment. When I came to Tina, my C1 wasn't tracking properly and jutted so far out that I had to lift my shoulders and hold my neck with my hands to have my head up. A set of X-rays and one adjustment later, I could move again! With just a few adjustments at the right times over the next several months, I am holding my adjustments for over 2 months. That's 4 out of the 8 months I've been in treatment! It scares me to think about who's office I may have ended up in if we weren't in the same building that morning, thank you Tina! You may be worth the plane ride back here when I leave!”

Rachael, Winchester CA

A Neck Pain Story

“I am writing this letter to share my experience with Dr. Tina Gottlieb. Tina and I have been friends since the 2nd grade.  I was very skeptical about chiropractic care.  She would tell me the many benefits and I would just nod.  In my early 40’s I began to have terrible neck pain.  I’m ashamed to admit that I tried physical therapy prior to contacting Dr. Tina.  It did not help at all.  The pain was so severe that I was seriously considering taking the muscle relaxers prescribed to me by my physician.  At that point, I sought the help of Dr. Tina. Within the first two weeks of treatment, I began to see improvement.  Several years later, I have no more neck pain (unless I need to be adjusted) and have also experienced greater health (less illness) and a reduced amount of neurological problems such as anxiety.  She is in it to truly help people.  There are times when I show up for my monthly appointments where I don’t receive an adjustment.  She scans me and determines if an adjustment is in order.  Her practice is run efficiently.  She is friendly and always upbeat.  I have had my life touched, changed by Dr. Tina.”

Daneen, Murrieta CA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Tina’s for almost a year and have regular adjustments.  I recently attended a workshop that discussed the frequently asked questions and answers.  The information I received was very helpful for many reasons.  Being mindful of my daily activities is new to me.  I have a new found appreciation of the need for helping myself feel better!  It is up to me to help my adjustments stay in place and what I do daily is how I can help!  The information I found most helpful, is the height of my computer monitor, the position I sit in when at my desk and taking breaks during my day.  I came back to my office filled with ideas and shared them with my co-worker and supervisor.  The tip for getting up from my desk and moving every 20 minutes is key for us in our office.  I use it as a reminder to go get glass of water! Our office is scheduled for a major renovation this summer and I am already pushing for the desk top that is adjustable for varying our workstations to stand up! I feel this would make a great difference in my day and would allow the flexibility of standing or sitting.  I am grateful to Dr. Tina for the information she shared and will continue to take her advice for feeling better!  I like feeling better and encourage anyone I come in contact with to do the same!”

Shelly, Temecula CA


“In late 2010, I had suffered an on the job injury to my back while on a fire assignment.  After I had gotten off duty my wife told me I needed to see a chiropractor, she then told me about Dr Gottlieb. Dr Gottlieb….better known as Dr Tina, welcomed me into her office for my first visit and she quickly got started and took a few X-rays. After my initial visit Dr Tina had me come back for a few adjustments. After 4 adjustments my back and neck felt great!  Now seeing Dr Tina keeps me in check so I can work and serve the community of North San Diego County. In Addition to my regular firefighting job Dr Tina helps me out when I return home from my NASCAR firefighting assignment of sitting in a pickup for 12 plus hours a day.  To sum it all up Dr Tina Gottlieb keeps me in service so I can provide for my family and help the community and fight fires throughout the state.”

Ryan, Temecula CA

Adriana's Success Story

Dr. Tina's Chiropractic Journey


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